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About Wave2

I originally founded Wave2 Limited back in 2000 (shortly after the Y2K bug), with the intention of providing Open Source solutions to small businesses.

I’d spent a few years developing software using Delphi (I miss Borland) to provide a real-time view of the production line floor, with reporting integrated into Microsoft Office. This was cutting edge at the time (and way cheaper than any of the SCADA packages available). It gave me the confidence I needed to offer custom software under the name Wave2.

My career, however, had other plans for me, and I ended up working across many industries, and in a variety of roles over the years. This had the effect of limiting my contribution to Open Source (at least visibly) and instead saw me applying my trade internally.

These days Wave2 is now an alias for pretty much anything I do (Software, Music, Radio etc), so if you hear the name Wave2, don’t think Wi-Fi, or even Nord, think Alan Snelson :)

In 2016 I became a dad, and as a result spent less time in the Open Source community. I used what little time I had to read books (like Oi Frog!) and study for the CCSP.

With a fresh outlook on life (and a little more free time) I’m hoping to contribute more to this site, and hopefully continue to build upon the Wave2 heritage in future, so watch this space!

Company Number: 03920213