Crassula Ovata

An ambient track that I dedicated to my jade plant, whose blossoms tell a story of luck and good fortune.
Ambient Electronic
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“Sat on a moss covered rock atop the mountainside, I smile at the inflorescence of the ancient Jade Plant, its thick stems rising from the ridge below. Flowers, pinkish white, look like painted stars against the shadow cloaked village below.

Soft airy pipes whisper the evening festivities have begun. Warm spices complement the cool winter air.

Climbing down through the crystal caverns, slivers of dusk dance over the sparkling walls.

My heart rate settles as I step out into the moonlight, lanterns flickering to life in the distance.

I’m home, and with a tale of luck and good fortune to share.”

I dedicate this track to my Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata), who rarely flowers but somehow knew that this year I’d appreciate a little luck and good fortune.

Oh and yes, that’s my plant on the cover image.

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