BassPhantom's Veil

This track combines Electronic, Ambient, and Hip Hop, with a subtle GhostBusters vibe.
Electronic Ambient Hip Hop
Released on

“As the sun sets, and darkness descends, an eerie stillness settles in the air.

The last remnants of sunlight cast a haunting glow onto the path ahead, as an ethereal mist unfurls from the treeline.

The billowing air quickens my heart. The BassPhantom is approaching.”

This was an interesting track to make. I combined a bass melody I captured on the Analog Four with Pigments and some pre made drums from the Ableton Beat Tools Pack.

It’s also the first track I completed using Ableton Live 12, so I’m just getting to grips with the new features.

I think the track has a weird GhostBusters style vibe to it. Enjoy!

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