Pursuit Of The Ethereal Wraith

This track has a haunting ambiance and a light, airy feel, capturing a witch hunters’ encounter with an Ethereal Wraith.
Electronic Ambient Cinematic
Released on

“As I enter the depths of darkness, the air becomes heavy and dense, filling my lungs with an enchanting, mysterious scent.

I can only just make out the ghostly mist, its intensity shimmering and twirling as if held by the enchantress herself.

The Ethereal Wraith will lead me to her.”

Building on the events of The Hunt, I wanted to take our witch hunter deeper into the woodland, where they would witness the unsettling consequences of wayward magic.

The effect is a sense of mystery and airiness, creating the ideal atmosphere as they draw near to an Ethereal Wraith and, possibly, a glance of the enchantress herself.

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