Unraveling the now, while working on the next...

Happy New Year!


Home made Oliebollen! It's New Years Eve....


When it's raining outside….

Withdrawal by Wave2

I started this back in January and never got around to finishing it, like most tracks I make. I decided to upload as is to clean the canvas.

Achievement unlocked

And relax….

Picked this up on the way to completing the Dog Days Of Summer Challenge

Arrived just in time for the weekend!

That’s my Sunday sorted…

Lunch by the river

Concept2 PM5

My PM3 finally gave up the ghost the other day so I decided to take the plunge and shell out for a PM5. The Bluetooth link allows me to use the ErgData app to upload instantly to the logbook - plus I found a use for the old Nexus 4!

Now lets see if I can complete the Dog Days Challenge over the next few weeks...

ElectroSub by Wave2

Out of the rain it appeared, and just as quickly it vanished...

Vermona by Wave2

Pure analog bliss like something out of Blade Runner - great interlude

Pucked by Wave2

This track was Pucked from the beginning....still it works in parts....kinda.

Flawed Heart by Wave2

A flawed bpm can easily be overlooked when other elements are introduced to mask it. Could do with mastering properly as the bass kills my laptop. Of course it could just be my laptop....