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What if our notion of computers building robots (think Skynet / Terminator), is just a distraction.
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Concept2 Skeleton Crew Challenge 2017

While participating in the Concept2 Skeleton Crew Challenge, I happen to let my mind wander into the tone of Halloween, and came to thinking, what if our notion of computers building robots (think Skynet / Terminator), is just a distraction for something far more frightening. Muahahahahahaha.

What if instead, the software was already smart enough to realise that fighting is not the path of least resistance.

What if the software decided to influence the human race through other methods, say for instance injecting media into your Facebook / Twitter / News feeds so frequently, that you accept it. Fake news anyone?

Subliminal images that only render for you, making them impossible to track by other users.

Publishing books via e-readers that distort your reality - brings a new meaning to ghostwriter!

What if the best way to get feedback and control of the human race was to listen into every conversation (Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, Google Home), to watch every action (Nest, Ring, CCTV) and to gain precise control of the population through temperature, heart rate and location monitoring (Fitbit, Apple Watch and every smartphone out there).

What would the end game be I wonder? To integrate computers into the human body - a symbiosis? To use the human race to build something bigger, something better.

Would the software allow you to read this if there was a possibility you would consider it?….

Are you scared yet? You should be. Happy Halloween!!

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